Thymerl™ Natural Thyroid Support with Essential Oils


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THYMERL™  15ml bottle All purchases include an email with PDF about essential oils in the blend(s) you’ve selected along with usage suggestions.

 ~ THYMERL™ a therapeutic essential oil blend with MYRTLE as a 12% dilution in organic Jojoba. It works well to boost and support healthy THYROID function when applied daily.

There are various places on the body that essential oils may be applied for thyroid support:

  • over the thyroid (the ‘bump’ on the front of the throat)
  • mid-back over the kidneys/adrenals
  • organ vita-flex points on hands & feet
  • at the base of the skull in the soft spot at the top of the spine.

Read more in our article about my personal experiences using essential oils to naturally support healthy thyroid function.


Put several drops in the palm of your hand. Stir counter-clockwise 3 times with your fingers to energize the oils. Then apply per suggestions. Leave on, let absorb into skin. The essential oils and luxurious jojoba carrier will absorb completely after a minute or two without any oily residue.

For Thyroid Support: Start with…
am: 3 drops THYMERL™ over THYROID & on fleshy pads of THUMBS.

COMMENT: My bloodwork results showed definite improvement after only 30 days of consistent use. Per my doctor’s advice from those first test results, I doubled the number of drops as well as the frequency of application.

With more experimental trials, I alternated various endocrine-supportive essential oils. Read more in our article: Support Healthy Thyroid Function Naturally with Essential Oils


For ACUTE Health crises use 100% undiluted essential oils.
Diluted Essential oil blends (5%-20%) are often MORE EFFECTIVE for treating:
* CHRONIC Health Issues
* IMMUNE-Compromised Individuals
SOURCE: ISHA Clinical Aromatherapy Certification program.

NOTES: Therapeutic essential oils ~ grown organically (or wild-crafted), processed carefully to retain maximum therapeutic benefits ~ are expensive (but have minimal negative side effects compared to conventional, toxifying pharmaceuticals). They’re very effective and powerful. A little goes a long way.
CAUTION: *Keep bottles out of reach of children & pets.*

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We appreciate knowing how these blends work for YOU. Every person’s health circumstances are different with individual preferences and responses, so results & experiences vary.

Researching and getting the ‘right’ combination of essential oils to aid an individual’s body in healing is a healing art, combining science with intuition. I keep records on the folks I’m able to assist, to learn from their experience, pattern of healing, etc.

Please post your comments below OR email me: Cynthe[at]EssentialOilsForHealing[dot]com

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