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  • icon for inner-calm essential oil blend to ease anxiety, stress, worry, to calm flight or fight syndrome

    Inner Calm™ for Anxiety & Depression

  • KneEASE™ essential oil blend to ease pain and reduce inflammation naturally for knee, cartilage, joint injuries

    KneEASE™ for knee injuries, strains, recovery from surgery

  • lipoma treatment without surgery - Lypos label

    Lipoma Treatment Without Surgery – Lypos™

  • Buy Masterful™ essential oil blend for natural endocrine support

    Masterful™ Endocrine Support

  • Nature’s Healing Oils

  • 2 bottles of ProstateRX™ essential oils blend for natural mens health | Photo Copyright © Cynthe Brush

    ProstateRx™ for Prostate Health, Stress Relief

  • REVIVE™ essential oils blend with ceramic Chinese philosopher figurine

    Revive™ for Surgical Wound Care, Scar Tissue Prevention

  • gaias pharmacopeia essential oil blends product sampling

    Sample product

  • icon for Staph-RX™ essential oil blend for mrsa staph stubborn infections

    StaphRx™ ~ Supports Recovery from Infections

  • Bottle of SureHEAL™ essential oil blend for surgery incisions and wounds

    SureHEAL™ Aids Surgical Incisions

  • Sweet-Balm™ essential oils blend remedy for anxiety, depression, stress, insomnia, nerve pain, neuromas

    Sweet Balm™ for Anxiety, Depression & Nerve Pain

  • Thymerl™ natural thyroid support essential oil blend | Photo Copyright © Cynthe Brush

    Thymerl™ Natural Thyroid Support with Essential Oils

Cynthe Brush

Certified Clinical (Medical) Aromatherapist
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Therapeutic Essential Oils Practitioner & Self-Care Health Educator has used essential oils for personal, family, & client health issues since 1999.

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Gaia’s Pharmacopeia Buy Healing Essential Oils Blends / 100% Natural Botanical Perfumes:
Effective essential oil blends for Athletic Injuries; Sprains – Broken Bones; Wounds & Surgeries; Backaches; Headaches; Dizziness; Herpes Simplex; Stress and more.